Welcome To TEAL.

A learning and development solutions company dedicated to the success of both people and organizations. We know exactly what you need to unleash your team’s full potential and lead them straight to success. How? Because we’ve been there. We’ve learned, we’ve thrived, and now it’s our turn to share our experiences and turn them into impactful training courses.

Our learning and development initiatives are underpinned with emotional intelligence which enable behavioural change. The team come from successful operational backgrounds which enables them to truly relate and connect to our learners and facilitate engaging and impactful sessions which inspire action.

We are on a mission to pay back through sharing knowledge, skills and experience to empower others to thrive both personally and in their careers, benefiting organisations and industry. We are passionate about human performance and are determined to support the much needed positive change required to influence a safe, inclusive and diverse workplace which ultimately delivers holistic benefits. Each person has the ability to be amazing and with guidance they can achieve great things for themselves and other and ‘make an impression that lasts forever’.


Harness the power of knowledge, skills, and abilities to enhance your team’s performance and success.


Unleash your inner strength and unlock your full potential with confidence.


Capture the interest of individuals who are a lot like you. Passionate about what they do, creating opportunities to connect and grow with each other.


Seize the opportunity to inspire and motivate your team and future talent by leading by example.

Nicky Wallis


Empowers and motivates individuals and teams to achieve their personal and career aspirations through targeted learning initiatives and personal coaching, which enables all them to be the best version of themselves.

Supporting businesses to achieve their financial, services and people goals to deliver excellence.

Marian Bryden


Marian is an accomplished and passionate Senior Learning & Development Specialist at Teal Learning Solutions.

She is committed to igniting the passion in others to learn and grow in their roles. Marian has always believed that people are the most important asset to any company.

She has mastered her learning and development skills while working in the Hospitality Industry over the past 22 years and specialises in Leadership and skills training.

Marian looks forward to sharing her love of learning & development and helping you on your journey to tap into your true potential.

Chiara Meneguz da Ros


Like many of us, Chiara started her career in hospitality by accident when she first moved to the UK. She fell in love with the buzz, excitement and diversity of the industry and people. She moved into Learning and Development and more recently she took on the challenge of standalone HR, Training and Recruitment. Chiara has a varied skill set in HR including, recruitment, employee relations and training. She is a strong facilitator, excellent risk analysis and has an eagle eye for detail. Chiara is fluent in both Italian and English and she specialises in Leadership and skills training, HR and Recruitment and is also available for L&D consultancy.